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Learner Induction Process

Learner Induction Process


The Southend Personal Trainer Academy Ltd are committed to all learners receiving an enhanced learning experience where you achieve your goals and aspirations.  Therefore we value your induction process which highlights what you can expect from The Southend Personal Trainer Academy Ltd while you are studying with us.


Information provided prior to enrolment

You can expect The Southend Personal Trainer Academy Ltd to provide information on:

  • All SPTA programmes and services in the form of a prospectus.
  • Equivalent, qualification exemptions and RPL arrangements that may apply
  • Entry requirements and final qualifications.
  • Possible destinations of learners completing Active IQ awards.
  • Fees and any other charges associated with your course.
  • The facilities and support available for learners with a disability
  • Support available to anyone with additional learning needs.


Induction on enrolment/first day of learning

You can expect The Southend Personal Trainer Academy Ltd to:

  • Outline the learner and centre’s expectations (code of conduct/learning agreement or service level agreement)
  • Provide a copy of and ensure understanding for vital centre policies and procedures such as the appeals, equality and diversity and complaints
  • To ask to view a copy of photo identification
  • Provide accurate information about the teaching, learning timetable and a schedule for the delivery of the course
  • Assessment arrangements for your entire course
  • Provide information on how your achievements and progress are recorded and communicated
  • Issuing course resources via a Dropbox account
  • Provide information on reasonable adjustments and special considerations in line with Active IQ requirements
  • Provide learner with a link to our calendar system so the learner can book sessions with a tutor
  • Be aware of all health and safety considerations including all venue arrangements and assessments
  • Provide details of how we will mark the assignments/assessments and the type of feedback you will receive
  • Give you information about what is expected for each unit, the marking criteria, and what formal supervision there will be
  • Additional fees and when they might apply
  • Establishment of learning styles
  • Administration and support services


The Southend Personal Trainer Academy Ltd undertakes to provide high-quality academic support and learning resources to learners.  However, success in learning depends critically on the efforts made by learners as outlined in the learner contract.

What The Southend Personal Trainer Academy Ltd expect from you at induction:

  • Provide correct, truthful and honest information to the best of your knowledge
  • Participate fully in the process
  • Inform SPTA if you change your personal details
  • Inform SPTA of any circumstances that may affect learning progress.
  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner

Thank you for your contribution and commitment to making our process work.


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