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This document sets out The Southend Personal Trainer Academy Ltd complaints policy and procedure and is aimed at our learners and all interested parties who encounter a direct or indirect service from SPTA.  SPTA values our learners who undertake our course.


We aim to deliver the highest quality standard of courses to ensure that our learners are both highly skilled and highly employable, therefore maximizing their potential in the fitness industry.


Therefore, it is important should you feel you have encountered a level of service that is below both yours and our expectations that you raise any concerns you may have with us immediately so that we may address them and learn lessons appropriate to improving service level expectations.




This policy covers complaints that learners and members of the public may wish to make in relation to the qualifications offered by SPTA.


It is not to be used to cover enquiries about services offered by SPTA or appeals in relation to assessment decisions made by SPTA. These areas are covered by our Appeals Policy. Should a complaint be submitted which is in fact an appeal we will respond to inform the relevant party that the issue is being considered in accordance with our Appeals Policy.


If you are unhappy about the way an examination or assessment was delivered and conducted and you suspect malpractice and/or maladministration may have occurred, you should send your concern to us in accordance with the arrangements in our Malpractice & Maladministration Policy. This should occur as soon as possible to protect any associated evidence that may form part of your complaint.


The Southend Personal Trainer Academy Ltd responsibility


We advise that our staff and learners involved in the management, assessment and quality assurance of our qualifications, are aware of the contents of this policy and that SPTA has a complaint handling procedure in place to deal with complaints from learners about the services they receive from us.


How should I complain?


Stage 1

All SPTA staff are trained to support our customers. We are all keen to help, so you should first try to sort out any problem at the earliest opportunity by speaking to the person who dealt with your problem initially.


Stage 2

If they cannot help or you wish to speak to someone else please complete our complaints form and pass it on to Josh Mullin, Company Director, who will deal with the complaint and take any necessary further action. Josh Mullin will aim to respond within 5 working days of the complaint and deal with it in a timely fashion to ensure that the complaint is dealt with and the learner doesn’t feel they are being neglected. All complaints are aimed to be resolved within 20 working days.



Stage 3

If stage 2 is not possible, or if you are not satisfied with the help provided by this member of staff, please send a written complaint, which must be received within 20 working days of exhausting stage 2, of the event you are complaining about, and address it to us using the contact details outlined at the end of policy.


If you have fully exhausted the process and are still unhappy with the outcome, then you can contact Active IQ directly if you feel there wasa significant breach by the centre of Active IQ’s various procedures. Contact details can be found on Active IQ’s website.


Confidentiality and whistle blowing


Sometimes a complainant will wish to remain anonymous. However, it is always preferable to reveal your identity and contact details to us. If you are concerned about possible adverse consequences please inform us that you do not wish for us to divulge your identity.


What happens if my complaint is upheld?


If any part of your complaint is upheld, we will, of course respond to the complainant accordingly and give due consideration to how we can improve our service and arrangements.  For example, we may review our procedures to assess the impact on our arrangements and assessment process (if relevant) or arrange for further staff training. In extreme circumstances, internal disciplinary procedures may be exercised where the performance or behaviour of our staff is deemed inappropriate.


In situations where a complaint has been successful, or where an investigation following notification from Active IQ indicates a failure in our processes, SPTA will give due consideration to the outcome and will, as appropriate, take actions such as:


  • Identify any other learner, who has been affected by that failure
  • Correct, or where it cannot be corrected, mitigate as far as possible the effect of the failure
  • Ensure that the failure does not recur in the future
  • Compensate the learner if the centre is found it has compromised its own terms and conditions that form part of the contract between us and the learner in question.


Thank you for your contribution and commitment to making our policy work.


All complaints should initially go through Steven Forsdick, the course tutor, and he can be contacted via email at If you feel it cannot be resolved by Steve, you can contact Josh Mullin, Company Director, via email on

Thank you for your contribution and commitment to making our process work.

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