Level 4
Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

Course Overview

Personal training is a field that is constantly evolving, to stay competitive in the market you must stay up to date with the latest research, methods and technology.

In this course you will learn a scientific, evidence based approach to programming, training, monitoring and managing clients. All of this will help you to retain more clients whilst attracting new clients too!

This qualification provides you with the enhanced knowledge and skills to fully understand their clients, utilise an evidence-based approach to programming and develop a successful and sustainable personal training business, including:

Level 4 certificate in advanced personal training

Sector: Health and Fitness

Duration: 3-12 months

Final Award: Level 4 Certificate

Entry Requirements: You must hold a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (or equivalent).
You must also be able to apply factual and theoretical knowledge and be able to use a range of cognitive and practical skills to generate specific solutions for personal training clients.

Based: At home and 1-1 tutorials

Price: £1500
(Payments in installments available)


Course Structure

Throughout your course you will be studying topics to make you a better personal trainer. The two units you will cover include:
  1. Applied techniques to support, enhance and manage the client journey
  2. Progressing clients towards successful achievement of goals

Each of your 1-1 tutor sessions can be booked using our online booking system, each booking is 60 minutes and you can book as many sessions per week as suits your schedule. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session you can do it from your phone using the confirmation email for each appointment.

When you sign up with Southend Personal Trainer Academy, we don’t believe in giving you a set number of sessions with our tutor, we understand every student is different and requires a different amount of 1-1 sessions to feel fully competent and comfortable in their new career. 

Some of our learners have completed in one month and others in two years. With us you have as long as you need for you to complete your qualification.

You will also be expected to complete revision tasks in your own time such as reading your hard copy manual, listening to audiobooks or podcasts and watching videos covering some of the sections of the course.

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